sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

Possible NSA bulk interception point for US North West in Seattle

Mark Klein was an AT&T technician who leaked knowledge of his
company's alleged cooperation with the United States National
Security Agency in installing network monitoring hardware to spy
on American citizens. The subsequent media coverage became a major
story in May 2006 and provoked the recent controversal FISA amendments
in congress on the subject of telecommunications immunity for
warrantless wiretapping.

What Mark revealed was room 641A, a mass interception point in a
San Francisco AT&T facility.

We have receved a report of a similar signals intelligence relay point
in Seattle from a former employee.

The room is located in the Westin Building in Seattle at 2001 6th
Ave. Location is on the 9th floor facing the windows in the NW
direction (towards Cascade mountains) and is in the middle of the
floor. Facility (both building and the colocation facility) is
operated by the Westin Building.

This is an industry standard data center "cage" environment, which
added masking to cage walls to hide contents of server racks.

The Westin building is a major telecom hub as described here:
http://www.westinbuilding.com/telecom/ and hosts what is perhaps the largest
interconnection point in the Northwest U.S. for domestic and
international carriers.

There is also a Russian Consulate on the 23rd floor.

Wikileaks can not yet independently establish that the room is a
signals intelligence relay point, or which country or organization
may have installed it. However recent approaches by intelligence
sources are make it clear that if the room is as purported, it is
in imminent danger of being "santitized". Wikileaks suggests anyone
with contacts in Seattle investigate.

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