jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

El valor de una visión

Although vision is a valuable tool for converging energies (Senge 1990), its value depends on how well it is translated into reality. This is a tricky task and requires a facilitator skilled at negotiating consensus rather than compromise. Because it is so essential, we have purposefully incorporated a process for generating a consensus vision (Rogers and Bestbier 1997) into adaptive management exercises.

Our process is based on the remarkable negotiations that led to peaceful change from apartheid to democracy in South Africa (Figura). This process is designed to avoid the conflict that comes with seeking compromise between party-specific problems and solutions, as in Western democracies. Instead, the focus is on making the problem a common problem. However, rather than seeking solutions to the immediate problem, the vision of a better common future is achieved by focusing on common values and future needs. These common values and needs are latent in the participants, like the grain of the wood. The facilitator carefully extracts them in the same way the sculptor exposes the grain. When everyone is focused on the common needs and values embodied in a broad consensus vision, the template for converging it with reality exists.

Extracto pertenece a un artículo más extenso que se encuentra aquí.

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